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Alex Iles  Founder - Designer - Artist - Musician - Robot Creator

As a long-time Austinite, Alex has been an integral member of the artistic robotics community globally. As a hardware/software design specialist, he developed speech-recognition technology in a variety of robotics.  His passion for esoteric psychedelic music and rigid discipline in design led him to develop synthesizer modules for both private and group development. Noticing a niche market gap, Alex moved into the business of developing and distributing patch cables which quickly became a subject of interest to his musical peers. The organic demand for patch cables has now grown into a burgeoning business supplying patch cables to musicians and scientists around the world.

Musical Collaborations Include:

  • Fooles
  • Adjuster Fusion
  • Oh Man Yeah
  • Combo Yo Mambo
  • Magnanimous Cocksuckers
  • Manic Flagellants
  • The Soviets
  • Formless Unknowable
  • Bicycle Day

US Patents:
5,548,794 Data processor and method for providing show cycles on a fast multiplexed bus
5,574,894 Integrated circuit data processor which provides external sensibility of internal signals during reset
5,813,043 Method and system including memory patching utilizing a transmission control signal and circuit
7,366,803 Integrated circuit for buffering data by removing idle blocks to create a modified data stream when memory device is not near empty

Holly D. Monnich  Chief Executive Officer

Specializing in Operations, Logistics, and eCommerce, Holly brings 30+ years of IT experience to join forces with Alex Iles.  Her vision is to streamline the processes within the business to get cables to musicians faster.  2022 will be a year of growth for Ad Infinitum Music LLC.  Our customers can expect great service, quality product, and speedy delivery times.